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The Great American Family Documentary

In 2007, Dawn Hanna was accused of conspiring to broker telecom equipment to Iraq during the sanctions. Unbeknownst to her and the jury which tried her, her coconspirator was actually a CIA operative. The project was sponsored by the United States to listen in on Saddam and his men.


After Dawn's sentencing, two CIA operatives came forward, in sworn affidavits, to present information that exonerates Dawn and also indicate how the efforts of intelligence agencies during the Iraq war compromised Dawn and other loyal American citizens. Once the truth was out, the Hanna family was certain their daughter would not have to report to prison and their nightmares would finally end. They believed that the government would quickly fix this injustice, because the United States operated on a system of checks and balances.  


To their astonishment, the government did not find this new CIA information relevant – even though Dawn’s first criminal charge was co-conspiring with the man who turned out to be a CIA operative. In the Government Brief, they stated that one of the reasons they did not disclose that Dawn’s coconspirator was a CIA operative was because “It would have confused and inflamed the jury and taken their focus away from the elements of the charged offenses.’”


What happened next no other American family should have to ever go through…

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